The Brooksville Education Foundation & The Brooksville Elementary School

A Partnership to Expand Educational Horizons

The Brooksville Education Foundation annually budgets about $3,000 to underwrite the enrichment of programs in the Brooksville Elementary School (BES). If you would like to lend financial support to these efforts, you may Donate to the Maryann Snow Bates Education Fund, our unrestricted fund.

If you are a teacher or volunteer in the School and would like more information about grant availability in support of School programs and how to apply, please visit our Grant Inquiry page.

In partnership with the School the Foundation has also identified opportunities for volunteers from the community to enrich elementary education programming in Brooksville. If you have interest and/or experience in expanding the educational horizons of school children we would love to hear from you. Please complete our Volunteer Inquiry Form.

Following are some examples of activities through which volunteers can make important contributions to the School:

Early Childhood Education:

Extensive research and the history of programs such as Head Start both underscore the life-long benefits of high quality early childhood education. The Brooksville Elementary School has a robust preschool program. If you enjoy working with young children and might like to help in the classroom or have something else to offer that might enrich the lives of young children, please contact us.

Alumni Visits:

The Foundation has sponsored two highly successful “Alumni Days” at BES. College students who had attended BES visited classrooms, ate lunch with the elementary students, and played games with them. These days had a lasting impact on the younger students. Volunteers are needed to organize another “Alumni Day”.

STEM Nights:

Several years ago the Foundation sponsored a “Science Night” at the School. Six presenters gave workshops and demonstrations on such things as raptors, unusual insects, training search and rescue dogs, and stargazing. It was an evening enjoyed by many children and parents and according to one teacher, “Set a good tone for the rest of the semester.” Volunteers are needed to organize another “science night” or similar activity that stimulates the interest and curiosity of students and their parents about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Residences and Workshops:

For such a small town Brooksville is blessed with an astonishing range of talents and pursuits in both its working age and retired populations. Many careers and hobbies involve activities that would enthrall BES students and broaden their thinking about career options if they were to know more. Please contact us if you would like to explore the possibility of sharing your experience or interests with the students at BES. With a modest effort you might launch a career!


The Brooksville School, for its size, has an unusually good library because of the dedicated work of five volunteers who supplement the efforts of a part-time librarian. If you would like to join these volunteers, especially if you have a background in library work, please contact us.


If you would be interested in helping to start a school based mentoring program at the BES please contact us. Middle school students in particular would benefit from life skills coaching and encouragement in pursuing interests that might extend beyond the offerings at BES.

Visit Brooksville Elementary School’s website to learn more about the school.