Brooksville Education Foundation Scholarship Information

You may contact the Foundation for clarification by writing to the address above or by email or by calling Michael McMillen at 207/326-9194. Helping you further your education is why we are here. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please read the following information before submitting a scholarship application.

Scholarship Application Introduction

The Brooksville Education Foundation was established in 2000 in order to expand educational opportunities available to the people of Brooksville, Maine. This has been achieved chiefly by providing scholarships to students pursuing post-secondary education. If you are a Brooksville resident taking your education beyond high school and could use financial aid, you are encouraged to apply to the Foundation for a scholarship.

Following is further information about our scholarships. If you still have questions after reading this information, please do not hesitate to contact us: or (207) 326-9194.

Eligibility Criteria:

Residence in Brooksville, Maine: Applicants must be residents of Brooksville, ME. A student will be considered a resident if they live full-time in Brooksville. If living elsewhere for work or school, a student will continue to be considered a resident up to the age of 26, if they have family still living full time in Brooksville. 


Age: There is no age limit for Brooksville residents. Adults returning to school or changing careers, as well as recent high school graduates, are encouraged to apply.


Program Eligibility: Applicants must have been admitted to or be enrolled in an accredited post-secondary education program leading to an associate’s, bachelor’s, or graduate degree, or occupational certificate or license. 


Demonstrated financial need: Applicants are required to submit any financial aid letter received from the school they attend or plan to attend. 


Application: A completed scholarship application, two recommendations, and a personal statement must be submitted to the Brooksville Education Foundation. Please email or call 207/326-9194 with any questions pertaining to the application process. 


Preferences:In practice BEF has always had sufficient funds to provide scholarships to all qualified applicants. However, if funds were to be insufficient to award full scholarships to all applicants in a given year, preference will be given to returning undergraduate students or those pursuing occupational certificates or licenses, then to new undergraduates, and finally to graduate candidates. 


Several BEF scholarship funds have an expressed preference for particular fields of study. However, in the absence of applicants in those fields, scholarships may be awarded to otherwise qualified applicants. A single application is used to apply to all BEF funds. The BEF trustees will determine which fund is best suited to each applicant.


Application Deadline: Scholarships are awarded once a year. Completed applications or renewal requests (see Scholarship Renewals below) must be submitted to BEF no later than June 15 of the current year. 


Award Date: Decisions on applications by the BEF trustees will be communicated to applicants by July 15


Scholarship Distributions: BEF scholarship grants are normally distributed by the Maine Community Foundation in December each year for use in the following spring semester. However, students may request earlier distribution with sufficient cause.


Current Use of Funds: Scholarships must be used for school related expenses including tuition, room and board, travel and supplies, during the academic year awarded. However under some circumstances balances may be carried forward.


Deferral: If school attendance is deferred or interrupted for some reason students may request the suspension of their BEF scholarship and later request its reinstatement.


Transfers: Students may request that their scholarship distributions be sent to a new school if they transfer but must notify the Maine Community Foundation of the transfer.

Additional Aid:

First generation: Students in the first generation of their immediate families to pursue post-secondary education may be eligible for additional scholarship aid from the First-Generation Fund.


Additional Degrees: If starting a new program leading to a degree or occupational certificate or license, previous BEF scholarship recipients who completed their initial programs may apply for another scholarship, so long as they meet other BEF eligibility requirements. In such cases a new application must be submitted. The award of a scholarship for a subsequent post-secondary program, will “reset” the renewal clock to “zero” (Renewals below)


Scholarship Renewals: Students are encouraged to complete programs in six years or less. A student in good standing at their school, who continues to meet other BEF eligibility requirements, may request renewal of a scholarship up to five times (first grant plus five renewals) or until the completion of the program for which the scholarship was initially awarded, whichever comes first. Students wishing to renew their scholarships for the coming academic year must mail or email a letter requesting renewal, along with a transcript, to the BEF no later than June 15th.

Document to download:

Scholarship Application. You will be able to type directly into this “fillable” form and save it to your computer for printing out or for attaching to an email to us.