Brooksville Education Foundation Scholarship Information

Please read the following information before submitting a scholarship application.

Scholarship Application Introduction

The Brooksville Education Foundation was established in 2000 in order to expand educational opportunities available to the people of Brooksville. This has been achieved chiefly by providing scholarships for students pursuing post-secondary education. In 2019 the Foundation awarded scholarships to 24 students. The average amount of each scholarship awarded in 2018 was $2,500.

Brooksville residents of any age who are enrolled in post-secondary education programs leading to degrees, certificates, or licenses are eligible to apply for aid from the Foundation. If you are a resident of Brooksville, are furthering your post-secondary education, and need financial help meeting the costs of school, we encourage you to apply. Students who spent part or all of their youth in Brooksville, and whose families still live here, will be considered as residents, although they may have relocated elsewhere in order to pursue their education or careers.

Scholarships are awarded each year by the Trustees of the Foundation based on evidence of need and merit submitted by each candidate. Students in good academic standing are eligible to have their scholarships renewed annually until the completion of the program for which aid was originally awarded.

In the past few years the Foundation has had sufficient support from the community to be able to award scholarships to all qualifying applicants. If funding in a given year should be insufficient to continue this practice, then awards will be made preferentially to students requesting a renewal of their scholarships, then to new applicants who grew up in Brooksville, and then to all other undergraduate students.

Our flagship fund, honoring the life and work of Maryann Snow Bates, provides scholarships to Brooksville students pursuing post-secondary education in any field at a degree granting institution. The Foundation also administers other memorial scholarship funds with expressed preferences for students pursuing education in specific fields:

Awards from the Isabel Grindle Condon Scholarship Fund are made preferentially to prospective teachers.

Awards from the Phyllis Ames Cox Scholarship Fund are made preferentially to students preparing for careers in veterinary medicine or international relations.

Awards from the Faye Austin Cosentino Scholarship Fund are made preferentially to students of nursing or history.

Awards from the Elwin and Evelyn Dyer Family Memorial Fund are made preferentially to students pursuing education in the trades or professions.

Awards from the Michael McMillen, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund will be made preferentially to students pursuing education in the caring professions such as: health, counseling, social work, early childhood education, or eldercare.

Awards from the First Generation Fund are made preferentially to those students who are first in their immediate families to pursue post-secondary education and are intended to augment any other scholarships the applicant might receive from the Foundation.

Application to all of these funds may be made using the attached form. Our trustees will determine which fund is most applicable to your course of study.

Applications must be returned to the Brooksville Education Foundation, PO Box 277, Brooksville, ME 04617 no later than June 15 of the year for which the scholarship is requested. Applications must be complete, with all required attachments submitted. If some required information is currently unavailable, please notify the Foundation in writing prior to the due date. Notice of awards will be mailed to applicants on or about July 15th of each year.

You may contact the Foundation for clarification by writing to the address above or by email or by calling Michael McMillen at 207/326-9194. Helping you further your education is why we are here. We look forward to hearing from you.